Packaging and Paper Use

New Balance’s primary footwear packaging consists of a one-piece seamless designed shoebox that integrates a flip top lid with the shoebox base. The packaging inside the box consists of wrapping tissue that is used to separate and protect the shoes, and also toe stuffing tissue used to protect the shoe tip and maintain product quality.

Our core shoeboxes are made from 100% recycled paperboard, consisting of pre- and post-consumer pulp and are 100% recyclable. Our master shipping cartons are also made from pre- and post-consumer pulp with approximately 44% virgin fiber. All inks are soy-based. Starting in 2018, we changed the weight of our wrapping tissue from 28gsm to 22gsm, which reduced our annual paper usage by 130 tons. New Balance continues to seek opportunities to eliminate packaging waste from our supply chain and optimize packaging solutions.

New Balance catalogs, which are used for marketing and direct consumer sales in the US, are also printed on 100 percent FSC- and SFI-certified paper.*