What is Fresh Foam?

Fresh Foam represents a revolutionary advancement in the material that cushions the high impact foot strikes that occur on roads, tracks, courts, and fields everywhere. Informed by 3D motion captured pressure mapping and force application data gathered from real athletes, Fresh Foam is softness quantified.

Behind the design: Fresh Foam X More v4

“The Fresh Foam X More v4 is our highest stacked Fresh Foam X shoe ever for the most amazing cushioned experience. With dramatic cushioning zones, and more drastic flex zones not only is the Fresh Foam X More v4 visually striking, but the running experience is unparalleled.” - Paul Zielinski, Senior Product Manager

The most Fresh Foam shoe ever.

Fresh Foam X More

Dual layer cushioning built for the daily grind.

Fresh Foam X 880

Built for sustained comfort and stability over all distances.

Fresh Foam X 860

Run your way

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The Fresh Foam X 880v12: For the daily grind

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Fresh Foam Roav performance-driven anywhere

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Fresh Foam Arishi top-quality lightweight performance

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Behind the design: The Fresh Foam X 1080v12

“We see the 1080 as our absolute best ride on the road, and the signature running experience in our Fresh Foam X platform. When updating the 1080 we always are gut checking ourselves to be sure we are providing an incredibly cushioned and smooth experience that lives up to that reputation. This doesn’t stop with the underfoot experience though. A beautifully designed Hypoknit upper provides breathability, stretch, and structure in all the right places.” - Paul Zielinski Senior Product Manager

Behind the design: Fresh Foam X 880v12

"880v12 was an incredible opportunity to bring ultimate cushion and comfort to reimagine our workhorse daily trainer. This is the 12th version of the 880 and our best version yet! We delivered a layer of Fresh Foam X closer to the foot for a better step in and softness at impact and paired it with an energetic foam at the forefoot for toe off. An engineered mesh provides a soft and breathable fit that just melts around the foot.” - Paul Zielinski, Product Manager